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[It's beyond what Kyouko could have wished for or imagined. Sayaka, to her, was the embodiment of hope; she thought she would have been happy just to see Sayaka flourish as a magi. To see her survive, no matter how cruel the world was. The desire to be Sayaka's friend - to laugh with her and fight alongside her - was one that had also firmly rooted itself within her heart, but she didn't view it as a necessary outcome, or even a likely one. It was a desire she kept subdued, had tried to push aside. It was secondary to ensuring Sayaka's survival.

Their relationship had started off rocky. They'd fought - both physically and verbally - and it seemed that that's all they would ever do. It seemed their relationship would never progress beyond that point, and that both of them were far to stubborn, too strong-willed to ever listen to the words of the other.

It's strange to look back on it and see how much things have changed since then. It's stranger yet to wake up in the same house as Sayaka, or to think about how inseparable they've become.

There's just one thing that's bothering her; something she doesn't want to think too deeply or try to put into words. Today, too, she pretends that nothing is wrong as she wakes from a dream she can't quite remember.

The time reads 10:09 AM. She rises to her feet, blearily looking around to see whether the other occupant of the house is home while trying to swallow her feelings of unease.]

Hey, Sayaka?

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